Stage 2 Specialist Mathematics Teaching Resource

Questions and Answers


Prepare your students for success in Stage 2 Specialist Mathematics with this comprehensive resource of assessment style questions and worked solutions. This resource contains over 50 pages of high-quality questions covering topics such as:

  • Complex Numbers
  • Vectors
  • Real Polynomials
  • Process of Mathematical Induction
  • Differential Equations
  • Integration and Calculus Techniques


The questions are provided in a digital word document that is well formatted and easy to use. You can insert them into assessments, practice exams or revision tasks as you wish. The worked solutions are also included to help you mark and provide feedback to your students.

This resource is aligned with the Stage 2 SACE Specialist Mathematics curriculum and will help you to assess the level of difficulty and the standards of achievement for these units. It is an essential tool for Stage 2 SACE Specialist Mathematics teachers who want to provide quality assessment material for their students.