The Mathematical Association of South Australia Inc (MASA) is the SA Affiliate of the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers Inc (AAMT).

We have members from reception to tertiary institutions. 


  • Arouse interest in mathematics.
  • Effect improvements in the teaching of mathematics and its implications.
  • Provide means of support and intercommunication between teachers, students and educational institutions, including schools.
  • Advance the view that mathematics is an important field of study and promote the learning of mathematics.


  • Representation in negotiations with school systems, the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers (AAMT) and the general public.
  • Full membership of MASA automatically affiliates you with AAMT.
  • Access to MASA’s extensive Professional Development Programs at Member’s rates.
  • Substantial Member concessions on conferences and publications.
  • Extensive deductions to a range of AAMT publications and services.
  • Regular information about developments in mathematics education.
  • Complimentary Heads of Faculty development and support program
  • Complimentary access to closed professional Facebook Forums

Membership is tax deductible.