Rich Tasks for 10 Mathematics [Electronic Resource]

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This publication has been compiled to respond to the needs of teachers of the Australian Curriculum, Year 10 Mathematics. The intention of the publication is to provide a student enquiry based approach to the content described in the AC Year 10. The format of the tasks is similar to the structure of the Folio task assessment mode as outlined by SACE and as such is a good preparation for students preparing for the AC Senior Years courses in Stage 1.

These tasks can also be used as class activities, lesson notes for teachers and suggested conceptual approaches to introducing topics.

An electronic version of the tasks is provided so you can adapt and modify the tasks to meet your needs. In addition, there are also spreadsheets as digital objects to explore the features of graphs and simulate random processes. A curriculum document that maps the 10A content to the AC Senior Years has been provided in electronic form. Solutions are also available in the electronic version of the publication. Many of the tasks are open-ended or require students to generate their own data and it is difficult to provide solutions for these tasks.

The tasks have been presented under the Australian Curriculum Content Descriptions codes and subtopics. Some of the tasks are relevant for more than one topic and where this is clearly so, have been listed under both topics. Teachers need to decide which tasks are most appropriate for their student cohort.

MASA would like to acknowledge the expertise and generosity of the teachers who provided the tasks for this publication. While an effort was made to give due credit to the contributors, the acknowledgements may be neither accurate nor complete so we request that you contact the MASA office with details so we can acknowledge the professionals who made this resource possible.

Thank you to additional contributors: C. Moule, A. Holland, G.Carse, M. Hegarty, C. Swan and L. Desyllas

Dr Pauline Carter
Professional Officer