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Problem Solving In Primary Mathematics  ( on back order until  21 / 09 / 2023)

Mathematical problems arise in almost every aspect of students’ lives yet few leave school with an appreciation of mathematics as a powerful tool for problem solving. This book contains more than 45 fully worked examples and over 200 problems (complete with solutions) appropriate for students working at a wide range of levels. Each chapter explores a specific mathematical problem solving technique. It is anticipated that this book will be a valuable resource for teachers, parents and students wishing to develop or expand their mathematical problem solving skills.

Puzzle Compendium (Vol 1)

The Puzzle Compendium contains 120 number puzzles and includes 17 different varieties, none of which is a Sudoku! Solutions are included for each puzzle. 64 pages.

Puzzle Compendium (Vol 2)

This companion volume to the best-selling Puzzle Compendium includes a further 128 puzzles of 20 all-new varieties. Solutions are included for all puzzles. 64 pages.

Puzzle Compendium (Vol 3)

This third volume in the best-selling Puzzle Compendium series includes more than 250 puzzles in 15 all-new varieties. Solutions are available as a free download from 64 pages.



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