2024 Year 12 Conference | Video | Booklets and Solutions | all 4 Exam discussions


At the MASA Year 12 Conference, held each year at the end of February, each Maths subject has an exam feedback session, which we film. The session is led by a person who has marked the exam for SACE. In going through the paper, parts of questions are highlighted, discussing what the marker was looking for, so the student could achieve full marks.


Questions that students did not answer well or did not use the graphics calculator appropriately for are also discussed. Teachers value these sessions for the excellent professional learning they receive, as well as helping with the setting of test questions during the following year. SACE also produce detailed documentation of assessment, the Subject Assessment Advice, which should be read by teachers of Year 12 Mathematics.


Many teachers are not available to attend these sessions and MASA would not wish these teachers to be disadvantaged. Included in this resource are videos of the four exam feedback sessions plus the files of solutions to the exams.