HSMC | The Hamann School Mathematics Competition for Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Prizes

The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) is an international technical / professional organisation dedicated to the advancement of technology associated with the recovery of energy resources from well-bores. The South Australian section of the SPE is sponsoring the SA School Mathematics Competition as part of its commitment to the education of young people and to raise awareness of the Society’s vocation, the professional of Petroleum Engineer. The SPE considers that a career as a Petroleum Engineer offers exciting opportunities to work throughout the world in one of the many facets of the Oil and Gas Industry.

The aim of the competition is to encourage interested and motivated students to enjoy the challenge of non-standard problems. While some of the questions require extended knowledge and responses, the new format aims to give a wide range of students the opportunity to achieve some success.

Competition Details

It is for South Australian students in Years 6 – 12. Four papers will be set as indicated below.

  • Primary – Year 6 and below – 1 hour paper
  • Junior Paper – Year 7 to 8 – 1.5 hour paper
  • Intermediate Paper – Year 9 to 10 – 1.5 hour paper
  • Senior Paper – Year 11 to 12 – 1.5 hour paper

Note: the use of scientific & graphic calculators is not permitted for any papers.

Each year more than 2000 students sit for The Hamann School Mathematics Competition sponsored by The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE). There is considerable input required from teachers to keep this very successful competition running smoothly. The process involves:

  • the setting of four papers
  • sample questions / answers
  • marking sessions
  • Presentation Night on Tuesday 7th May from 7.00pm to 8.45pm at the Dorothy Yates Hall, Pembroke School, Holden Street, Kensington Gardens.

Please note –

Metropolitan schools are required to nominate teachers to help with the marking of papers
To streamline the marking process the marking will be held on two nights:
1. Monday 18th March (Week 8) for Primary and Junior Papers
2. Wednesday 20th March (Week 8) for Intermediate and Senior Papers
All marking will be held at MASA Building D, 80 Payneham Road Stepney from 4.30 pm to 7pm


Prizes are awarded for each division at Judges’ discretion. Monetary prizes donated by SPE are awarded to the Top Ten Students of each level, as well as those who achieve High Distinction & Distinction (who all also receive Certificates). Credit Certificates, Judges’ Commendation and Judges’ Encouragement Certificates are awarded as judged. Participation Certificate templates are sent to participating schools to be distributed to all entrants.