Increasing Technology in the Classroom | Workshop 1 Wednesday 13th March

How technology can improve outcomes for students and teachers

Four one-hour sessions will take place on:

Workshop 1 Wednesday 13th March – (Term 1, Week 7)

Hayden Tronnolone and Alix Verdon:

Title:10 tips for teaching in the Age of AI

Join us for a workshop where Flinders University and ASMS staff share their journeys in AI within education. Explore the potential of using generative AI in assessment, as well as techniques for designing AI resilient assessment. Hear about our respective learnings this year as we’ve developed processes and guidelines to support teachers and students in using AI, with our 10 tips for teaching in the age of AI.

Workshop 2 Tuesday 26th March – (Term 1, Week 9)

Rebecca Garrett and Kylie Lester:

Title Navigating Assessment in a World of AI

This workshop will provide attendees with the opportunity to share their experiences with AI in the classroom. Kylie and Rebecca will discuss the ethics around the use of AI, share tips for task design, demonstrate examples of ways to use AI tools to plan and create resources, and share methods to be transparent with students about their use of AI tools in assessment. If you have resources to share, we encourage you to bring them along.

Workshop 3 Thursday 30th May – (Term 2, week 5)

Tim Bond:

Title: AI-Active Task Design

Abstract: What if I told you that you could have students using generative AI within assessments without compromising the integrity of the assessment? In this workshop, we’re going to explore what AI-active task design can look like, and how you can use this approach to help students develop the knowledge, skills, and understanding of mathematics and mathematical research that are the focus of mathematical investigations.

Workshop 4 Tuesday 18th June – (Term 2, week 8)

Ross Riach:

Title: Optimising the “M” in STEM : Effectively selecting and evaluating technology to promote engagement and innovation in mathematics

Abstract: This workshop would be a combination of sharing technological resources and tools to create more engaging and immersive maths lessons but with the focus on how to evaluate their effectiveness and choose what suits your needs.

All workshops will be held at MASA Office, at $40 per workshop.