Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 Do I need an account to use the website?

Q2 What if it says that I am already registered but I don’t know my password?



Q1 Do I need an account to use the website?

It is possible to view most pages without logging on to the site but most of the functionality requires the user to log onto an account. There are two basic account types:

  • Shop Account
  • MASA Member’s account.

For MASA Members ‘accounts see:

Q3 How do I purchase a Member’s account?


Shop Account

These accounts are free but are required to make any sort of shop purchase. There are two ways to obtain a Shop Account:

  1. Purchase a shop item such as a MASA membership, a resource item or a conference registration. This process will create a Shop Account for you and this can then be used for subsequent purchases.
  2. Open the My Account page from the Main Menu

Complete the three required fields including a secure password and click Register. Please use your email address as your Username.

Once you have registered, you can check orders, change personal details etc. on the My Account page.

The first thing to do is to set up your billing address by clicking the Addresses tab on the My Account page.

Click Add and enter the details. Note that the email address does not have to be the same as the one you have used for your account. Whatever you enter as your billing email address will be used by the system to deliver emails about any products you place orders for. So, if someone else is paying the bill, you may use their email rather than you own. The Shipping address must be a physical address to which physical objects such as books, can be sent. It can be the same as your billing address.



Q2 What if it says that I am already registered but I don’t know my password?

Since accounts have already been created for many MASA contacts, you may be already registered. In this case, enter you email address in the Login table and click Lost your password? You then enter your email address and follow the password reset procedure.



Q3 How do I purchase a Member’s account?

Click Join MASA on the menu. 

The membership types are listed under All MASA Membership Levels . There is a cost associated with each account type.

These are shop items so you can either log on with an existing account if you are renewing your membership or already have an account as a customer or you can create one in the purchasing process if this is the first purchase you have made..

Once your MASA account is active you will be able to access shop items at any special prices your membership entitles you to. This includes conference registrations.

Purchasing a MASA Membership

Some pages show the Shopping Cart widget in the right sidebar. Memberships are purchased as shop items and will appear in your shopping cart prior to checkout. Other ways of viewing what is in your cart are described below.

The buttons on this page can be used to select the membership type to be purchased.

If you already have a website account, please make sure you are logged on – this will pre-fill sections of the shopping cart with stored data such as address details. Then complete the membership form. Fields marked * cannot be left blank.

You can pay immediately or at a later date by invoice.

If you wish to activate your MASA membership immediately, choose VISA/Mastercard Online. For payment by invoice, your account will need to be activated by MASA once payment has been confirmed.

If you choose to pay immediately, the MASA Shop uses Stripe as the secure payment gateway.

Once the membership form is complete, you will be able to add the item to your shopping cart.

And once there is something in the cart, something like the following will appear at the top of the page.


If you are happy with order, click PROCEED TO CHECKOUT. At the checkout stage you can change your payment type if you wish and finally place the order.

If you have chosen to pay immediately, the following fields will appear:

The credit card fields are part of the MASA Stripe account on the Stripe website, not the MASA website (MASA does not store card details).



Q4 Can I view an invoice for an order?

Once the order has been placed, the details can be viewed by logging in and opening the My Account page.

Click the Order tab to view you orders.

Click the Invoice button to view or download an invoice for the order.

What happens when you click the invoice button may depend on how your web browser is configured, but if the invoice opens in a webpage for viewing, the download button can be used to download it as a PDF.

Payment by Invoice

If you select PDF invoice as your payment option, an email will be sent to the billing email address with order details and an attached PDF invoice.



Q5 How do I register for conferences? 

Conference details will appear under the Teachers menu heading.

What appears here depends on the time of the year but in all cases discounts on the full conference fee can be obtained if you log in with a paid membership account.



Q6 Can I enter my conference workshop choices online?

Anyone can view the available workshops as part of the conference program but you must be logged in to pay the register fee.  Please order the relevant conference product before you enter workshop preferences. If you are a teacher at a school that is a financial institutional member but not the contact person for the membership, please see:

Q8 My school is an Institutional MASA Member and my conference attendance has been registered. How do I make my conference workshop selections?



Q7 I am the contact person for an Institutional Membership – can I arrange payment for several teachers from my institution to attend a conference at the discount price?

Yes- log on using the email associated with the institutional membership account and follow the procedure for a single registration.  Your membership entitles you to three or less registrations at the discount  price. Any number can be purchased at the full price.


If payment by invoice is chosen as the payment type, the billing email address can be changed to that of the school finance person who will then receive an email version of the order with an invoice PDF attached. Payment should be completed within 14 days.



Q8 My school is an Institutional MASA Member and my conference attendance has been registered. How do I make my conference workshop selections?

You can access and read the workshop descriptions without logging on to the site. However, to make workshop choices you must be logged on with your own email address. See:

Q1 Do I need an account to use the website?



Q9 How can I check which conference workshops I have chosen?

You will receive an email version of the choice form showing your selections. Please make sure you check your junk or trash folder.



Q10 What is Stripe?

MASA uses Stripe to process Visa and Mastercard payments via the Stripe payment gateway shown below:

It is important to note that the MASA website is a secure (https) site but the card details entered here are being entered via the gateway into the MASA Stripe account and are not stored anywhere on the actual MASA site.